• Legion MK III Breacher Siege Squad

    Here you can find bitz and parts of the Forge World Space Marine Legion MK III Breacher Siege Squads.

    Space Marine Breacher Siege Squad lead the forays when boarding enemy ships. These Squads are equipped with specialized wargear to chop a path into fortified positions and consolidate a route for their battle brothers. They use high protective armour and shields that can deflect huge damage. Breacher Siege Squads wear MK III Power Armour. This armour originates from the time of the Great Crusade. It is sluggish and slow, but it offers high protection. Therefore, it is ideal in situations that offer little cover. Because of their strong frontal armour this Space Marine power armour got the nickname "Iron Armour" and is often used in ritual ceremonies. Today this armour variant is rarely seen on the battlefields of Warhammer 40k because a MK III is uncomfortable and consumes too much energy.

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