Warhammer AoS Bitz: EMPIRE - 005 - Handgunners - Handgun I2 - Muzzle

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Category: Empire State Handgunners

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Bitz:1 Part,
Type:Core Unit,
Unit: Warhammer Fantasy Empire State Handgunners / Crossbowmen,

Thisis a repeater handgun out of the Warhammer Fantasy Empire State Handgunners / Crossbowmen box.
Suitable for tabletop armies and other gamesin 28 mm scale.

The State troops of the provinces employ a lot of shooters that support the brave melee units effectively. These soldiers fight under the leadership of a marksman as an independent regiment or affiliated department of a larger unit. Imperialhandgunners are equipped with simple muskets, but there are also units that still use the ordinary crossbows.

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BITZ CATEGORY: ranged weapon
BITZ TYPE: EMPIRE Reapeater Handgun EMPIRE Handgun
Warhammer Fantasy: EMPIRE Handgunners
CLASS / SORT: Humans (Fantasy)

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