We here at Mega Bitz Shop have the power food for your bitzbox.

  • All our Bitz are sorted by the game system / manufacturer in the appropriate categories assigned to their units or boxes, and easy to find. You are looking for something specific, such as, for example swords, then simply use the search function, or navigate your way through the feature column in the right margin of our website, where all Bitz are listed according to their properties. You can refine your search at any time by clicking on a feature to change your selection.

Our bitz philosophy:

  • Our armorer photograph, cut and sort incessantly Bitz and parts of figures and miniatures in 28mm scale (1:56). We focus our attention on the parts of Games Workshop. We now offer you a wide range of Warhammer 40k Bitz. And we are continually working to take miniatures from other manufacturers in our range, to provide Bitz and parts for skirmish games and systems beyond Warhammer.
  • Our philosophy is to provide you the widest variety of Bitz and parts available. Therefore, our blessed armorers are always eager to find new cool parts to offer you a comprehensive spectrum of exceptional Bitz for innovative conversions and fancy craft projects. Our Bitz are all new, we do not buy on used parts, and fill our range regularly with new factory-fresh produce. We cut the Bitz and other items invariably and meticulously by hand from their sprues. We then photograph the parts very thoroughly by several side, so you can make you an all-encompassing impression of the product. After that we sort the Bitz carefully with tact and place it gently in a padded shipping bag to send it to you as soon as possible.
  • So visit our Warhammer Online Store frequently. Our product range is constantly growing.

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